Lobster Soft | Mozcon 2013 Recap – A Summary
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Mozcon 2013 Recap – A Summary

Mozcon 2013 Recap – A Summary

The MozCon 2013 conference was an event that focused on the areas of inbound marketing as well as search engine optimization. The event took place over a three days time period and presented attendees with numerous opportunities for networking as well as learning in the numerous sessions that were offered. This MozCon 2013 recap demonstrates that it was an informative and exciting three days.

The MozCon 2013 recap of day one includes beginning the conference with Rand Rishkin. He started off by explaining what the current industry situation is and also talked about what the current top five trends in the area of SEO were. There were also talks given by Richard Baxter and Avinash Kaushik. Another major topic during day one was a session that talked about tactics that can be taken in that area of link building that are actionable.

Opening up day two of MozCon was speaker Phil Nottingham who gave a detailed talk regarding the area of strategies in video marketing. There was also an outstanding talk delivered on the topic of brand loyalty. Additional topics on this day involved discussions about eCommerce and SEO as well as ways to build relationships. <a href=”https://smartific.com/smartshop/” style=”color: #777777″>Smartshop</a> The topics of keywords and local search were also on the agenda.

The third day of the conference was filled with a number of excellent presentations. One of the top ones was a presentation that was in regard to the future of rankings. Attendees were counselled to do things such as removing themselves from echo chamber behavior in regard to SEO as well as long-term value creation.

Overall, this conference was excellent and really provided attendees with excellent input. It can be honestly concluded that those who attended this event came away with something that they can take back to their work. The insight shared by the industry expert speakers was really enlightening

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